“There seems to be a wide range of response (to the pandemic), from ‘just shut the doors’ to active service. I’ve been impressed by the Princeton Public Library’s website princetoncovid.org … The libraries that have really impressed me are the ones that have said, ‘Ok. We’ve lost the use of some tools. So what? The pandemic has not changed our mission. How do we continue to serve our patrons?’ And then they quickly, in a matter of days, began executing on the answers to that question.”

— Rutgers University library and information sciences professor, April 2, 2020

Committed to Enhancing Health Knowledge In addition to spearheading princetoncovid.org, Princeton’s hyperlocal information source about the coronavirus pandemic, the library continues to be active in connecting the community with trusted and verified information about healthcare.

From programs on infant nutrition to senior wellness, the Affordable Care Act and Medicare, the library remains a community hub for information about healthful living. Our top-rated health and medicine databases offer access to the latest research and recommendations for living your best life.