“We were very appreciative of the opportunity to work with the Princeton Public Library and NJ Conservation Foundation to help educate community members about the scale, scope and urgency of the climate change risk. With climate change, it is not just our environment at risk, but also our jobs and economy, our family’s health and security, and our geopolitical stability. The library plays a critical role in educating our community about so many topics at a time when trusted sources have never been so vital. Your leadership is so important at this challenging time, when facts matter and critical thinking is crucial to meeting today’s hard challenges. Thank you for all you do to educate and enrich this community.”

– Kathleen Biggins, President, C-Change Conversations

Any conversation about climate change and the library begins with the library’s internationally known Princeton Environmental Film Festival, which was presented in a virtual venue in 2021, presenting 34 films, a combination of 20 short and 13 feature length documentary films, and one short narrative film. But that is not where the library’s role in combating climate change ends. We continue to work with Sustainable Princeton on implementation of its goals, leading community change.

In late 2020, the library was designated by the American Library Association as one of 25 national Climate Resiliency Hubs with a grant to fund expanded materials and programming. As the first library to be named to Sustainable Jersey’s Sustainable Business Registry, our commitment to climate education continues to be recognized and applauded.
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