“The library is the number one treasure in town and its employees are
very much missed but still do so much from a distance! Thank you to all of the library’s employees for
making it possible to enjoy the library’s many resources even during a pandemic!”

The library’s 110-year history is replete with examples of adaptability and resilience. From collecting books to send to troops in World War I to providing shelter from power outages caused by 21st century superstorms, the library is a shining example of service to Princeton and beyond. When the Sands Library Building closed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we kept working.

We met an uncertain moment with certainty, expanding digital services, helping readers of print books to embrace e-books, giving parents resources to support at-home learning, connecting job-seekers with local networking opportunities, bringing world-renowned speakers such as Madeleine Albright, Maria Hinojosa and Nicholas Kristoff into homes and spearheading a collaboration to provide a single source of trusted, verified, hyperlocal information about the coronavirus pandemic, princetoncovid.org. As we restore library services in a safe manner, we will continue to adapt to whatever the future may bring.