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Municipal support pays for our beautiful building and our friendly and helpful staff, but the library that Princeton loves, and the rest of the world admires, is so much more. For an institution The New York Times called “a model modern library” to grow, gifts of all amounts are needed. From large gifts to our endowment to donations to our Annual Appeal, every gift is vital to our continued success. Tax-deductible contributions help us buy new books, host thought-provoking and fun events and continue to provide innovative library services.

The bluestone panel at the Witherspoon Street entrance carries a quotation from the British author Augustine Birrell: “Libraries are not made, they grow.” You can help the library grow by donating online or contact the Development Office at extension 1251.

Contributions to the Princeton Public Library are deductible as “charitable contributions” under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. The EIN number for Princeton Public Library is 21-6008497.

The Princeton Public Library Foundation can accept gifts of stock through their Fidelity brokerage account. If you are interested in making a stock gift, please contact the Development Office at or (609) 924-8822 x 1280. You may also contact Beth Coulton at Roundview Capital, LLC at or (609) 688-9500. The EIN number for the Princeton Public Library Foundation is 22-3494366.

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2021 Stories: “Why I Love the Library”

“The library helped promote my lifelong love of reading” – Mayor Mark Freda

The Princeton Public Library has had a significant impact on me personally. I still fondly recall visiting the library regularly while in elementary school to get my books to read for the week. I did this for a long time. The library allowed me to read a variety of books by different authors on many topics, this promoted my love for reading that still exists today. And over time the Library has consistently adapted to keep up with changing trends and technologies to meet the needs of the community.

Photo provided by Mr. Freda

“Reading helped normalize our lives during the pandemic” – The Barreto Family – Holley, Eric, Elena and Nico

“As a family, we missed going to the library so much,” Holley told us. “It was truly wonderful when the library started the contactless pickup service and we could reserve physical books online and pick them up in a safe manner.

“Our kids read hundreds of books this past year; both Elena and Nico love going into the library and exploring the shelves, so it was like Christmas when we could once again access the children’s floor.

“Reading helped normalize our lives during the pandemic. It has been a lifeline to the world, especially for the kids to have a connection when it wasn’t physically possible. If it’s imaginable, they love the library even more now!

“We have loved returning to the library building, being in the presence of the books and discovering new titles to read. We are so thankful that the library is open again. It almost feels like things are getting back to normal.”

Photo credit: Marek Malkowski

“Staying connected and keeping others informed helped keep me going” – Staff member Anna Lewis 

Anna’s devotion to the library is evident when she talks about how she connected with patrons over the past year. She had endless stories to tell. Anna described calling to check in with older customers who live alone at the start of the pandemic and how she enjoyed reconnecting with our regular customers on a daily basis when the library reopened.  Anna just wanted to make sure others stayed informed. She shared how the customers she checked in with felt an overwhelming gratitude and a sense of comfort knowing she would be calling back. Anna spread the word about the library’s virtual services with her neighbors at Princeton Community Village, keeping them updated about the pandemic and its effect on our town. 

One woman stopped while Anna was being interviewed and exclaimed, “I’m so happy to be back!” Judging by the smile on her face, you could tell Anna felt exactly the same way.

Photo credit: Marek Malkowski

“I love picking out Elephant and Piggie books at the library.” – Robert

While working on a lesson about different places in our Community for social studies, five-year-old Robert wrote, “My favorite place to go in the community is the library.” Drawing a picture of the library included a rainbow door and the wonderful fish tank that is an important stop for most children coming to the third floor of the library. When asked what he loved the most about the library, “I love picking out Elephant and Piggie books to read at home.” 

Throughout the past year, Robert has missed going to the library. He and his friends were really excited for the first Storywalk, “Cat’s Colors,” and Robert went back for “A Snowy Day” too. It’s been truly special to return to the third floor and be able to pick out books from the shelves once again.

Photo credit: Marek Malkowski