Spring fever

Spring may be a bit early this year but that doesn't make it any less welcome here at the library. On rainy Mondays, it's helpful to reflect on the blooms that burst into life over the past week or two. Those clear days mark an ideal time to read a library book on Hinds Plaza or on our third floor terrace. I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to take a few snapshots. The lighting and subjects were so beautiful no filters or cropping seemed necessary.


Our third floor terrace, as seen from above.

The trees are still a bit bare, but the weather is ideal on the plaza.

Southern magnolia tree in bloom just one block from the library.


Star magnolias on the campus of Princeton University.

Fresh daffodils on Nassau Street.

Cherry blossoms a bit further east on Nassau Street.

The tigers in front of Nassau Hall at Princeton University basking in the afternoon sun.

We hope you'll stop by, check out a book and enjoy spring, whether it's from the shelter of our welcoming interior or outside, steps from our doors.




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