Rental Spaces

Meeting Rooms

Community Room, First Floor

The Community Room provides a versatile, light-filled meeting space adjacent to Albert Hinds Community Plaza. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, equipped with blackout curtains, allow natural lighting throughout this burled maple-detailed contemporary setting.  The room is equipped with a podium, a full audiovisual system and a hearing loop assistive listening system.

Available equipment: digital projector and recessed, in-ceiling projection screen, Meeting Owl Pro camera, lapel and hand-held microphones, laptop, hearing loop assistive listening system and portable listeners, teleconference phone, flip charts, piano

Seating capacity: 155
Nonprofit: $50 per hour
For profit: $125 per hour

Conference Room, Second Floor

The Conference Room offers a contemporary setting with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the corner of Witherspoon and Wiggins Streets. This private, light-filled room is ideal for presentations, interviewing and staff training.

Available equipment: LCD projector and screen, Meeting Owl Pro camera, laptop, hearing loop assistive listening system and portable listeners, teleconference phone, flip chart/whiteboard

Seating capacity: 16
Nonprofit: $20 per hour
For profit: $50 per hour

Quiet Room, First Floor

The Quiet Room contains a large conference table and window blinds that allow for natural light or darkened space. Margaret Kennard Johnson’s layered textile wall sculpture “Unfolding” provides a graceful touch in this comfortable room that houses the Performing Arts collection.

Available equipment: LCD projector and screen, Meeting Owl Pro camera, laptop, teleconference phone, flip chart/whiteboard

Seating capacity: 16
Nonprofit: $20 per hour
For profit: $50 per hour

Study Room 9, Second Floor

This private study room, set apart from the others, is the perfect space for collaborative work. Study Room 9 may be booked as a study room or as rental space.

Available equipment: screen-sharing technology,  55-inch HDTV and a wall-mounted whiteboard. 

Seating capacity: 6
Nonprofit: $20 per hour
For profit: $50 per hour

Tower Room, Second Floor

A perfect working space for small group interaction, the Tower Room offers a contemporary setting with dramatic views of Hinds Plaza and Witherspoon Street.

Available equipment: LCD projector and screen, Meeting Owl Pro camera, laptop, teleconference phone, flip chart/whiteboard 

Seating capacity: 10
Nonprofit: $20 per hour
For profit: $50 per hour

Meeting Room FAQ

Who can rent meeting space at the library?

Library meeting space may be rented by groups or individuals that conform to and abide by the library’s Meeting Room Rental Policy. Use of meeting room space is for the internal purpose(s) of an individual, group, business or organization.

Meeting rooms may not be used for:

    • public events and groups may not offer or publicize their meeting to the general public.
    • business solicitations, fundraising, political campaigning, parties, receptions, or memorial services.
    • events where admission is charged or participants pay to attend (i.e., classes, seminars, workshops).
    • recruitment of or marketing to prospective clients.
    • advertising or selling products or services.

When are meeting rooms available and are there time limits?

Meeting rooms are available for rent during the library’s normal operating hours and have a one-hour minimum requirement. 

How far in advance can I reserve a meeting room?

Meeting rooms may be requested up to 30 days in advance.

Is my group considered a nonprofit/not-for-profit or for profit?

  • Nonprofit/not-for profit – those groups or organizations with proof of incorporation as a nonprofit or charitable entity, any organization recognized as a service organization, or any group meeting for a specific not-for-profit purpose.
  • For profit – groups or organizations whose purpose is to conduct operations to realize a financial profit.

Once I submit a request for a meeting room, when will I know if my reservation is confirmed?

Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests for rental space more than 24 hours in advance will be reviewed within 24 hours during standard business days (Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Requests made over the weekend or during holiday/library closings will be reviewed on the next standard business day. 

While the regular review period is one business day from receipt of request, we cannot necessarily guarantee approval of requests made within 24 hours of the desired date. This does not mean we will be unable to fulfil your request, but please wait for an approval email before traveling to the library. Rental requests are considered “Pending” until the requestor receives electronic approval or denial from library staff.

How do I pay for a meeting room?

When requesting meeting space via the online reservation system, you have the option to provide credit card information (that will be charged once your request is approved) or pay offline by making payment via  cash, check or credit card. Use the basket feature to group multiple requests as one payment. 

Does the library offer parking?

Library parking is available in the Spring Street Garage located adjacent to the library. For more information and rates, see Parking.

While in the library, can I request a meeting room?

Walk-in reservations will be accommodated based upon availability of space; however, use and setup of audiovisual equipment cannot be guaranteed.

Can I have meeting materials and/or equipment sent to and/or stored at the library?

Materials for your meeting may not be sent to or stored at the library. The library is not able to provide storage space for materials or equipment between meetings.

How do I cancel my meeting room reservation?

Meeting room requests and confirmed reservations may be canceled via the online reservation system or by contacting library staff. In order to receive a refund, notice of cancellation must be received at least three business days prior to the day of the scheduled event.

Whom do I call if I need help with my meeting room request/reservation?

Contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at or 609-924-9529, ext. 1250.


Room Fees (per hour)

  • Community Room: $50 nonprofit, $125 for profit
  • All Other Rooms: $20 nonprofit, $50 for profit
    (Conference Room, Quiet Room, Study Room 9, Tower Room)

Equipment Fee

  • $35 flat-rate fee per reservation for use of any audiovisual equipment: projectors, microphones, cameras or laptops. Audiovisual equipment, requested more than 24 hours in advance of the approved meeting, will be setup prior to the meeting by library staff. At the start of meetings scheduled Sunday-Friday, a library staff member will meet with you to ensure that all equipment is set up and working properly. Arrangements must be made ahead of time for Saturday meetings that require AV use instructions.

Corporate Partners receive free room rental. Click here to learn more.

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