Language learning as child’s play

Learning a new language is a popular sport in Princeton, for adults as well as children. We now have a new digital kid on the block to help teach languages to children.

Muzzy has been a very popular leader in its field for years. So, it is not a new name to experts and users of language programs for children. Created by the BBC, it has been an award- winning product at the top of its game for a long time. What is new is the digital format.   

This comes as a true relief to the Youth Services Department, because as fine as the old materials were, they came in a large bulky plastic case filled with booklets and CDs. The possibility of loss and damage to these popular materials was heartbreakingly high. It meant constant tending to replace errant and torn or scratched pieces. Those who remember the old kits know whereof we speak. 

This is a clear case where the digital version of a resource is a great improvement over the “hard copy.”  In addition, it can serve so many more patrons simultaneously, without worrying about HOLDS and limited copies: a superior product made many times better.

We are delighted to offer you this terrific new version. Take a spin and meet Muzzy, our newest children's resource.