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Diane Young Uniman, a.k.a. "Princess Diane Von Brainisfried"


Diane graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania, studied at Le University de Poitiers, La Rochelle, and received a JD from Seton Hall University Law School, winning an ASCAP award for legal writing. While a criminal justice appeals attorney she began writing screenplays and musicals. Her work has been featured at Lincoln Center’s Broadway’s Future Series, was accepted into Fringe/NYC and Tony award-winning producer Ken Davenport's Rave Festival. She’s won over fifty film festivals awards including Beverly Hills Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Awards, Hollywood Screenplay Contest, and Garden State Film Festival. Under her nom de plume Princess Diane von Brainisfried she wrote Bonjour, Breast Cancer–I’m Still Smiling…Wit, Wisdom, and Optimism for Beating the Breast Cancer Blues which won an Independent Author Network medal for best Non-Fiction, a Living Now Evergreen Book award and International Book Awards Finalist. As a certified positive psychology life coach she facilitated Miami’s first World Happiness Summit, is the Women’s Health Institute’s optimism expert, and gives corporate seminars on happiness habits and wellbeing. Diane’s an opera singer and sang with the New Jersey State Opera Chorus. She is a Trustee of The Princeton Festival and on the Auxiliary Board of RWJUH.


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Bonjour, Breast Cancer–I’m Still Smiling! (2019)

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