The Plan

When the Sands Library Building opened in 2004, it was widely hailed as a “modern library.” Thinking back to the world of 2004, much of what we take for granted today — the iPhone, Facebook, streaming music and movies — either hadn’t been invented or was not widely available. The 2Reimagine plan seeks to support the lifelong learning needs of every generation by adapting the second floor, balancing books and quiet areas with spaces that support collaboration, learning, critical thinking and creativity.

In response to focus groups, we’ve teamed with noted library design firm Andrew Berman Architect to meet these needs for years to come. New features of the Second Floor include:

  • A glass-enclosed quiet reading room.
  • Nine study rooms, five of which feature full A/V integration.
  • A new Technology Center for instruction and a Technology Commons with desktop computers, all for public use..
  • The Newsroom, a newspaper and magazine reading room that converts to a 50-seat programming area.
  • A Discovery Center for individual interactions with library staff.
  • A Business Center fully equipped for the production of project materials.

In addition to the redesign of our physical space, we’ve significantly updated our digital infrastructure, including 500mps WiFi and an expanded laptop lending program.