One of the most exciting aspects of the redesigned second floor is the space dedicated to books. Books are celebrated on the new second floor, where they are displayed as works of art amid the latest technology. Library staff took the opportunity to rethink how we organize the nonfiction collections, replacing a straight Dewey Decimal classification with neighborhoods organized first by subject matter, then by Dewey number. The result is an enhanced browsing experience with no reduction in the findable strength of Dewey.

If you would like to explore a neighborhood, signage and printed maps will guide you there. Looking for a specific title? Simply use our online catalog, where books appear with a neighborhood designation, followed by the traditional Dewey number and the three letters of the author’s last name.  For added convenience, a new MapIt feature has been added to our catalog to guide you to the area of shelving you wish to visit. Think GPS, but for books.

Books are located at every turn on the second floor. You will be able to sit among them, be immersed in them, study next to them and glance up and see them from just about every vantage point. Stroll down a beautifully lit hallway with books on either side,  then discover an upholstered reading bench just where you need one.

We are confident that our neighborhoods will enhance your enjoyment and use of our collection, whether you’re looking to explore the shelves or are seeking a specific title.  Staff members are always available to assist you in navigating our reimagined collection.

Our neighborhoods: Arts; Business & Careers; Cooking; Education; Health & Wellness; History; Home; Language Learning; Literature; Local History; Philosophy & Religion; Poetry; Reference; Science & Nature; Sports & Games;  and Technology

The New Nonfiction and Book Group Nonfiction collections will also be located on the second floor.

The following Nonfiction Neighborhoods are located on the first floor: Biography; Performing Arts; and Travel