Luminous Matter – Fran Eber

Location: Second Floor Quiet Reading Room

Date: June 14 – Sept. 6

Artist Fran Eber describes her work, “Luminous Matter,” as channeling the forces of fluid dynamics. She says she achieves this otherworldly look by combining pigments, fluids and additives to produce a physical reaction. Layering different densities of paint leads to the formation of cellular structures that echo natural processes. Eber describes some of her results as comparable to phenomena that can be observed in astronomy, such as the Rayleigh-Taylor instability seen in The Crab Nebula.

Please visit the website of Fran Eber for further information.

Our Universe – From Here to Infinity – Robert Vanderbei

Location: Tech Center and Second Floor Hallway

Date: June 14 – Sept. 6

A lifelong interest in astronomy led Vanderbei, a professor at Princeton University and the library’s scientist-in-residence this summer, to buy a digital camera designed for taking long-exposure astrophotographs in 2003, he says in his artist’s statement, continuing that “I began imaging the universe. The star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies that I’ve been able to image from my backyard are stunningly beautiful and it’s been extremely interesting to learn about these objects… what they are, how big and how far away they are, and how they came to be. It is all very interesting and truly humbling.”

Woodstock 50: A Look Back – Ilene Levin

Location: 1st Floor Exhibit Space

Date: July 15 – September 1

Our Summer of ’69 retrospective continues in August with events that look back on Woodstock. An exhibit of photographs taken by local resident Ilene Levine at the era-defining music festival is on display near the first floor Welcome Desk through the end of the month. The photos, including images that span the festival’s opening day through its final rain-soaked moments, are being added to the archives of the Bethel Woods Museum. Thanks to the Princeton Record Exchange, library visitors can also experience the sounds of Woodstock on vinyl at our retro Library Listening Station. All four Woodstock albums are available as are other selections from artists who performed at the event. This installation complements a screening of the film Woodstock on Aug. 15 at 6 p.m. and a tribute concert taking place at Community Park North on Aug. 17 at 5 p.m.

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