September 2012

Knit Nook

What has many hands, threads of many colors, and doesn’t go anywhere without pointy sticks? If you guessed the knitters who come to spend time together at the Knit Nook every third Thursday evening of the month at Princeton Public Library, you’d be correct.

Frozen music

Since I was very young I've been fascinated by architecture. Architecture has famously been described by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as frozen music, but I prefer to think of it as sculpture that we inhabit. The people who spend any time in this library are fortunate to inhabit an incredible building designed by the local firm Hillier Architecture. 

Kleenex required, but so worth it

Last week, I finished reading "When We Were the Kennedys" by author Monica Wood, a best-selling and award-nominated fiction writer. Wood's debut memoir was recommended to me by my friend and reading guru, Jen, who discovered the book a few months ago. Jen had warned me that I would need boxes of Kleenex - yes boxes - to make it through the book, so naturally I was a bit apprehensive.

Calling all grandmas

I recently had the pleasure of becoming a grandmother. And, yes, everything people say about becoming a grandparent is absolutely true. You will bond with your grandchild in ways that are unimaginable. For me, bonding with my grandson means cuddling with him while reading a book aloud.

How to edit your online account

My second blog post about online accounts explains how to change your personal details. Once you have logged in you will be brought to the main page of your account (see my previous post to find out how to register your account and log in for the first time).

You've got personality

Human behavior fascinates me. I am endlessly curious about the human condition, and the question of why we behave the way we behave. Why do some people choose to bungee jump off a bridge, while others prefer to curl up at home by the fire? Why are some people energized by the fast-paced conversation of a cocktail party, while others gravitate toward a quiet conversation in the corner?

Technology: we've got the class for you

Princeton Public Library's Fall Technology Classes have started.  From now through December, the library is offering over 30 classes from Downloading e-Books to Marketing Your Small Business with Pinterest to an iPhoto class and more. Our instructors are experts in the fields they're teaching and are looking forward to teaching what they're passionate about.

September book groups

Not hitting the textbooks this fall? How about joining one of the library’s book groups? From mysteries to politics, Spanish to fiction, to beer and books at The Tap Room, we’ve got you covered. Join us to discuss this month's fiction book group selection, "Salvage the Bones," on September 13th.

Back to school essential homework & learning resources

Looking for resources for your homework? Princeton Public Library provides access to many subscription databases, and a great deal of information that can’t be found on the web. They are great tools for students and do not take up any room in a backpack!

Books on beer and wine

Recently the library expanded its collection of beer books (as well as BBQ) in memory of former employee Chris Ducko, and there's a little bit for everyone. If you are curious about beer, a guide to all things beer and the many games that go along with it is available. If you enjoy food and grilling, Chef Ted Reader's companion book tells you how to taste and pair beers. Interested in making your own beer? We've got you covered with two books that include 100+ recipes.