July 2012

Living, reimagined

A few weeks ago, I visited the Museum of Modern Art through the library's Museum Pass Program. While there is always so much to be in awe of strolling through the collections, there was one exhibit this day that captured my interest the most: Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream. The exhibit is the result of a study of five suburbs that have been hit hard by our nation's foreclosure crisis.

Fast and simple takes the gold

It may not be the Olympics, but in my house, it is definitely worthy of an award. “Real Simple Easy, Delicious Home Cooking: A Year of Fresh, Healthy Recipes for Every Occasion” is the latest cookbook I’ve checked out of the library, and it is a terrific resource for fuss-free, healthy recipes using a minimum of ingredients.

E-readers behind the scenes

E-readers may be commonplace now, but do you remember the first generation that arrived way back in 1998? Did you ever wonder why they didn't catch on then? Or how Amazon became so successful? Today I take a look back at the brief history of e-readers via an article I recently read in Domus, a design magazine.

Are you listening?

We have recently added another exciting resource to the Youth Services Digital Collection. 

It is called OneClickDigital and we have subscribed to the Children and Young Adult Subscription series, which consists of approximately 1,000 titles for beginning readers, children and young adults.

Summertime, Youth Services style

We’ve hit our midway point for Summer Reading and programming in Youth Services. It seems like only yesterday we were out in the schools promoting the programs, now here we are over one month later with more than 1,200 preschoolers, children and teens enrolled in our summer reading clubs! Nothing short of amazing if you ask me!

Extreme makeover (library edition)

It's hard to believe but the "new" library building is now almost eight and a half years old! We have had fun, and time has flown.

Student Film Fest: peeking behind the scenes

This week you have a unique opportunity to view 25 original films from high school and college student filmmakers at the 2012 Princeton Student Film Festival on Wednesday, July 18, and Thursday, July 19. Wondering how are these films selected? Let’s unfurl the curtain so we can show you the backstage operation.

Paranormal activity

Some believe. Some don’t. Some aren’t sure. There has been tons of money, time and research put into trying to prove it or dispel it. There are TV shows based on it, businesses built around it and many kids' sleepovers ruined because of it.

Paranormal, according to The American Heritage Dictionary, is defined as “beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation."

Summer in the city

I love summertime in Manhattan. While everyone else is itching to abandon the concrete jungle and head for beach destinations, I always look for an excuse to make the trip into town and explore the sights, sounds, and culture of my favorite place in the world. And while I don't get to visit in-person as much as I would like to, I often take the chance to travel there through the pages of a book. This summer, my must-read list is filled with novels set in the Big Apple - and they perfectly transport, entertain, and enchant - just like the real city.

Book buzz

If you've read 2012 Pulitzer Fiction Jury member Michael Cunningham's recent New Yorker pieces on what really happened behind-the-scenes in the year-without-a-fiction winner debacle, you may have gotten a tiny teaser for the July 24th Books on Tap selection,

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