June 2012

Dream Big this summer at Princeton Public Library

We always dream big at Princeton Public Library, but this summer we’re taking that to a whole new level. This year we are very pleased to announce the return of our summer reading club for adults along with our ever-popular preschool, children and teen programs.

Leticia, surfing and smiling

Meet Leticia Braga, our customer service guru from overseas.  On any given day, you might hear her chatting in Portuguese with customers at the Check Out Desk.  Cheerful and curious, she brings out the best in her Lending Service co-workers.

Q: How long have you worked at the Princeton Public Library?

Masterpieces you can play

Princeton Symphony Orchestra and Princeton Public Library have collaborated for a number of years on a variety of endeavors – the Soundtracks lecture series, children’s programs, and even Pi Weekend. In anticipation of the final concert of the year, “Spun Beauty,” we were recently lucky enough to host Christophe Landon of Christophe Landon Rare Violins.

What the heck is that?

Why do we create? What compels us to make things (art, music, crafts) when there is often no material gain or credit in it for us?

There's a whole branch of philosophy devoted to aesthetics. I took a bit of philosophy in college but I am at a loss to explain the object pictured above.

KIP with us

I am a serious fan of Worldwide Knit in Public Day. Better living through stitching together? We have a day for that. Every June, the Princeton Public Library hosts a KIP (Knit in Public) event. This year, we knit (and crochet) on Saturday, June 9, between 11:00 and 3:00. Watch and listen carefully. You’ll find knitters and yarn folk from our community clicking our needles, chatting, learning, and sharing our crafts out on the Hinds Plaza.

Solar power

It's been a year since my husband and I had  36 solar catchers attached to our roof, and we're still very excited about them.  Our online solar account tracks our usage and tells us that our panels have produced 9,240 kWh’s of energy in the past 12 months, that offsets 10,165 pounds  of carbon dioxide.  

12th-century treasures

After leaving work recently, I took my daughter to the Princeton University Art Museum to browse the collections. Our first stop was on the lower level where we viewed the 12th-century celadon glazed stoneware called Melon ewer with lotus-flower design. It is Korean, from the Goryeo dynasty and was recently acquired by the Princeton University Art Museum. Simply put, it's gorgeous.

Not listening to a book? Inexcusable

If you haven’t heard Tina Fey talking about her dad, Don and the use of the word, "inexcusable," in the audiobook version of her bestselling “Bossypants,” you are missing comic brilliance.