The Great Backyard Bird Count, an annual February event that brings people around the world together to watch, learn about, count and celebrate birds, takes place this year from Feb. 17-20. 

Join the fun by getting involved in a little community science to help create a real-time snapshot of bird populations.

Feel free to borrow some binoculars from our Library of Things before you explore our wonderful green spaces in search of our feathered friends.

This page will be periodically updated through the end of February, so please check back again.

Learn how to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count

How to Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count Feb. 17-20

Anyone can participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count. Birds can be identified and counted using Merlin and eBird, apps that have been developed by the Cornell Ornithology Lab.

The Apps: Merlin and eBird

The Cornell Ornithology Lab has developed two mobile apps that participants can use to identify and report birds that they see.  

If you are a beginning birder, they recommend that you download and use the Merlin Bird ID app to help you easily identify the birds that you see.  Once you have identified the bird using the Merlin Bird ID app, you will be prompted to report the sighting by opening and using the eBird app.

If you are an experienced birder, you can simply use the eBird app to report the birds that you see. 

Instructions for how to use the Merlin Bird ID app to identify a bird and then use eBird to have it recorded in the count. 

You can also access eBird from your desktop or laptop using the ebird webpage. See

Checklists can be found at Bird Advisors or NJ Audubon



Recorded Program

Get excited about the GBBC by listening to the recorded conversation from February 2022 with Becca Rodomsky Bish of the Cornell Ornithology Lab


February 18 | Guided Bird & Plant Walk – Herrontown Woods

All are welcome, no registration required.(More information coming soon)



February 19 | Guided Bird Walks – Mountain Lakes

This walk is geared toward adults, Registration required. (More information coming soon)