Beyond words

In the summer issue of Connections it is announced that “Beyond Words: An Evening to Benefit Princeton Public Library” is the theme for the benefit that is hosted by the Friends of Princeton Public Library. It is an interesting theme and I’ve been thinking about it.

To me this theme reflects that in today’s world there are so many different ways beyond the written word, for PPL to accomplish our mission of connecting people through ideas. Our events, technology classes, ereader help, story times, play groups, book groups, our new chat group “The Buzz” all reflect the fact that people take in information in diverse ways and PPL goes beyond words on paper to make sure we reach people in all the different ways that they learn. The new name reflects all the ways the library enables people to learn and grow.  

The folks who developed the theme” Beyond Words” must have gotten inside my head and saw that when people ask me about working at PPL I am beyond words in trying to express my appreciation for having the opportunity to actually work here. I typically say how much I enjoy it and how wonderful the staff is, but these words come close to expressing my feelings about being part of day-to-day operations here.

The theme might be trying to capture the other side….the way the customers and visitors feel when they visit PPL. I can see it in their eyes as they look around the building in amazement. They say how lucky we are and what a beautiful building we have and they repeat it a couple of times as if saying it once does not convey their thoughts.

“Beyond Words” is a fitting and strong theme for the PPL benefit because it captures so much.  This theme evokes so many positive feelings and hopefully will confirm people’s belief in supporting the library and the services we provide.  

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