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Author: Tiffany Fang

A beginner’s mind

From our circadian rhythm to our “cicadian rhythm,” many life events follow naturally recurring cycles. In particular, I’ve always associated the four seasons with my memories of school. Autumn: sweater weather, friends and new class schedules! Winter: the persistent longing for a snow day. Spring: the bane of standardized tests. Summer: the lull of slow, hot […]

Music lessons with the Library of Things

“Things” is a broad term. The concept of a Library of Things has popped up throughout the country, reflecting the growing library trend of circulating more than books and audiovisual materials. Here at Princeton Public Library, our “things” currently encompass technology kits, hiking backpacks and emergency preparedness tools–with more to come. Adapting to community needs […]

Rediscover language

Song and poetry are siblings, both undoing our familiarity with language. One of my favorite bands, Sunset Rollercoaster is a Taiwanese indie pop band that writes dreamy songs in English instead of the band members’ native Mandarin. The lead singer Tseng Kuo-Hung explains, “I learned all English from Sesame Street and school stuff, so English for […]

Visiting art on the shelves

I was a classic suburban kid whose formation of arts and culture largely came from the rabbit hole of the Internet, People Magazine and the treasure trove that is the Princeton Public Library. Itching for paintings and drawings, I got to see my favorite artists’ work by perusing through books long before witnessing them in […]