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Author: Morgan Taylor

Morgan is the library's Head of Adult Services and an avid listener, whether it's audiobooks or the ideas and stories of people in her environment. She believes that libraries are perfectly suited to connecting people with information. You can usually find her with tea close at hand and a creative project simmering in her mind.

A place for preservation

Chawton House Library

Lately, I’ve been watching HGTV and DIY shows like “Restored” and “Rehab Addict,” where experts preserve old houses with salvaged materials or update them with new versions of period-appropriate pieces. Part of the understanding in this show is that the designers can’t keep everything, because some items are beyond repair, but they want to hold […]

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Why bother voting?

Vote Pin on a White Sweater

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I’ll be voting in a new district this year, since I recently moved. I was a bit surprised when he told me he has never voted before. When I inquired as to why, he shared that he doesn’t like getting involved in politics; it’s too contentious. […]

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Down the rabbit hole

Almost everyone is guilty of falling into an online rabbit hole at some point or another. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed my online behavior going from entering rabbit holes to carving out full rabbit burrows. Instead of a few hours following a trail, I’ve started to spend days or weeks linking one idea […]

Held together with thread

vintage sewing patterns and a Singer sewing machine from 1950s

Many of us now have the opportunity to explore new hobbies or get back in touch with old ones. Sewing clothes has been a creative and tactile outlet for me for quite some time. There’s complex thinking and problem solving involved when coaxing one piece into the correct position with another, and then getting everything […]

Navigating COVID-19 uncertainty

photo of a woman thinking and looking at a laptop screen

When there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, it can be challenging to know where to turn or how to recognize that what you are reading, seeing, or hearing is accurate. Find comfort in knowing that the library is a trusted source to help you navigate through and connect to high-quality information. This […]