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Author: Gayle

With the celebration of her 30th anniversary at PPL, Gayle has the dubious distinction of being the longest employed staff member in residence. She keeps busy answering reference questions, matching customers to books, keeping up with mystery genre trends, and wrangles with technology. In her private life, she quilts, knits, bakes, and is somewhat of a hoarder, all of which she occasionally blogs about.

Building bridges

Every telephone conversation with my mother starts much the same, “Well, Louise died last week, she was 91, you know. You remember her, right? Didn’t you graduate with one of her children?” It’s rare that some catastrophe or calamity hasn’t befallen someone from my past in between these phone calls. My hometown was small back […]

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The mountains are calling

I am a woman who hikes. And not just little weekend scrambles in the woods, but real, significant miles long hikes. Being a female of a certain age, the fact that I can say this with a straight face is amazing in and of itself. That it’s completely true is something else altogether fantastic. I never […]

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Lost that lovin’ feeling

The last thing you’d expect to read is that one of your local librarians has lost her zest for reading. It’s a perplexing problem because I have always been a huge consumer of the written word, in all its manifestations-books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, etc. I’ve been known to read the cereal box when nothing else […]

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I spy…

with my little eye. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. Birthday parties for young and old, club and organization get togethers, day campers on an outing, orientations for students, newcomers learning their way around town, team building exercises from area businesses, anybody and everybody at some point in time has participated in one.  It’s easy to spot […]

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A quiet place to write

I’m on a deadline. Truth be told, I’m way past said deadline. So past it that the next one is looming on the horizon. The blogging schedule is prepared well in advance so it’s not as though I don’t know ahead of time that I have these due dates. Yet every month, I find myself […]

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Noticeably new

If you’ve visited the library in the past few months, you will have noticed that we are in the midst of a major renovation, one that completely closed the second floor as it undergoes a “reimagining” to provide a better use of space and resources for the future. But our physical space is not the […]

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Mapping treasure

Twin Towers

Getting ready for a trip in my house usually means hauling out my tourist maps to refresh my memory about where I’m going, what I want to see, and where everything is, relative to each other. According to the modern world, I should be using Google Maps for this task, but oftentimes, I need a […]

A Princeton walkabout

I am always on the lookout for ways to incorporate technology into my everyday life. It seems a bit odd to say that these days, knowing that most folks have the complete opposite problem of trying to disconnect from their electronic lives. As I look out at the sea of customers in the library or […]

Recipe for change

Tick. Tick. Tick. The hands of the clock are moving closer and closer to the dinner hour, begging the question, what should I make tonight? I always wait until the last minute and then have to rush. Should I try something new or fall back on an old favorite? However, I’m tired of most of […]

By the book, library edition

Each Sunday, The New York Times Book Review has a column, By the Book, in which famous authors are interviewed about their reading habits, past and present. The chosen authors are asked a variety of questions, which can differ from week to week, and include ones about what is on their nightstand, what would they recommend, what's overrated, couldn't get finished, or which famous authors you would have to dinner if you could pick three.