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Author: Andre Levie

Some books are bigger than others

During my time at the library we have changed how and where our books are housed quite a few times. All of these changes have involved shifting hundreds to thousands of books from the old arrangements to the new layouts. This is a team effort and we have learned some lessons about the “Art of […]

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Staying level

We have over 4,200 shelves for books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks at the library. Shelving is so ubiquitous throughout the building it’s easy to forget that at some point all of the units had to be installed and assembled in order to do their job of housing our collections. The shelves on almost all of […]

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A few fun facts

One of our primary missions at the library is to provide accurate, authoritative, timely, and useful information to anyone who inquires about almost anything. We treasure this part of our job and find hunting for facts almost as rewarding as actually discovering them. In the spirit of the hunt, I give you answers to questions […]

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Floored at Book Expo

Book Expo, the largest annual book trade fair in America, recently ended at the Javits Center in New York City. I love attending it primarily because it gives me the opportunity to discover the best books that will be coming out in the next few months. However, since Book Expo is always held at cavernous convention centers […]

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Late Spring cleaning

You might not know this, but we have a floor at the library above the floors open to the public. This floor houses our HVAC equipment and, like many other attic spaces, it also tends to accumulate some random stuff. Most of it isn’t particularly interesting (extra bookends, cleaning supplies, hardware storage bins) but, during a recent […]


Sands Library cornerstone

The renovation of the second floor of the library (known as the 2Reimagine project) is nearing completion. As we gear up for the re-opening of the floor I’ve been reflecting a bit on the Augustine Birrell quote on our Witherspoon Street cornerstone: “Libraries are not made: they grow.” I would not presume to disagree with […]

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Top 16 for 2016

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means it’s time for some lists. Newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs are all publishing their year-end lists of the best books and movies from the last year. In that spirit I present to you the top 16 most popular books and DVDs at the Princeton Public […]

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Holiday dining

The leaves are falling, the air is cool and crisp and fall harvest vegetables are available at the farmers market. These are all harbingers of the holiday season, or, as I think of it, feasting season. Thanksgiving, the first of the feasts, is inspiration for us to share some of our best holiday cooking and entertaining […]

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