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Age Group: Kids

Homework Help

Princeton University students provide after-school homework help in all subjects to students in elementary through high school. Registration is not required. Please note that Homework Help does not occur on days that the Princeton Public Schools or Princeton University are closed or on break.

Celebrate Inventors Day

Ever wonder how a race car’s speedometer works? Or how a roller coaster stops? Come learn about electromagnetism – the fundamental force behind these inventions – and the scientists and engineers who made these discoveries. This Inventors Day program, an afternoon of hands-on science activities, begins with a brief talk by Princeton University Professor Michael […]

Demonstration: “Herr Bach and His Instruments”

An introduction to the Baroque instruments Bach included in his St. John Passion is provided by members of the Dryden Ensemble who will demonstrate the instruments. Instruments include the viola d’amore, oboe da caccia, viola da gamba and the orbo. The Dryden Ensemble will perform Bach’s St. John Passion March 13 and 14 at All […]

Michael Marissen on the Musical Aims of Bach’s St. John Passion

Michael Marissen explores Bach’s incisive musical reading of the Passion Story from the Gospel of John in advance of the Dryden Ensemble’s performances of  Bach’s St. John Passion March 13 and 14. Marissen is the Daniel Underhill Professor Emeritus of Music at Swarthmore College, where he taught from 1989 to 2014. He has also been […]

African American Read-In

The African American Read-In, an event dedicated to diversity in literature, is presented in partnership with Princeton Public Schools. Please check back for updates and more events as the month approaches. 11 a.m.: Poet: Khalil Murrell Noon : Performance: ACT-SO 1:15 p.m. : Books Transform | An Inter-generational Presentation on the books that have been […]