Juneteenth 2020

Juneteenth 2020 Livestream of this event will begin at Noon EST on June 19th on this page. Please tune in to watch at this time. Locally, we have a virtual program that you can view at any time titled “Talking about Juneteenth”. This program was produced by Vivia Font and features historian Dawn Wisteria Bates along with […]

Act now with summer reading

The end of the school year is typically a time marked by graduations and new beginnings; promises of a better future than what came before. While this year feels starkly different than any we’ve previously encountered, there are some things that, thankfully, remain the same. At the core of the library is the belief that […]

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Beyond the Stacks

Beyond the Stacks Valentine’s Day | International Day of Women in Science | Best of 2020 | Art | Books & Reading | Classes, Lecture & Online Courses | Cooking & Food | Health & Wellness | Movies & Theater | Museums | Music | Nature & Wildlife | News & Newspapers | Podcasts | […]

Your voice matters

We are all living through a strange and uncertain time. Most things about our lives have completely changed, from work routines to grocery store trips to family life. Are you keeping track of these changes by keeping a journal or photo-documenting? Each of our experiences of this time are unique and important. What was it […]

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Help illuminate history

How are archival materials made discoverable by researchers and the public online? One way that some archives are working to expand access to their digitized archival collections is by crowdsourcing transcription work. Transcribing can be a lengthy and costly process for archives, so some are choosing to open some collections up for members of the […]

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Past Exhibits

Past Exhibits 2021 Exhibits Letter Love Exhibit opens June 1st to August 31st Exhibit extended until September 30th An exhibition by Gwenn Seemel and Mic Boekelmann, two visual artists who use the alphabet to inspire conversations about belonging and identity. Seemel’s focus is an animal ABC book made up of unusual fauna, polka-dot cubist artwork, […]


Exhibits Picturing Women Inventors Throughout American history, women with diverse backgrounds and interests created inventions that changed lives every day. But women haven’t always had equal opportunities to be inventors or received as much recognition. The Smithsonian and the United States Patent and Trademark Office present “Picturing Women Inventors,” a poster exhibition that explores the […]

From book worm to butterfly

Even if most people are not fans of insects, chances are that they tend to have a soft spot for butterflies. Perhaps this stems from memories of raising monarch butterflies in grade school, or watching them feed in a grandmother’s garden. However, despite their popularity, monarch butterflies appear to be fluttering towards extinction. According to […]

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At Home Learning for Teens Databases Sign in with your library card to access these databases and more. Brainfuse offers online homework help, skills-building, writing assistance, test preparation, FAFSA assistance and more. Live help is available from 2 p.m. – 11 p.m. daily. Learn and practice new languages with Mango, a platform that teaches real […]

Migrating into fiction

For years, while driving south on Witherspoon Street, I’ve seen a number of men in the same location, presumably waiting for someone to pick them up for work. Like most people, I suspect, I never gave them much thought because I’m too preoccupied with my own daily rituals, and getting to work on time. But […]

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Mixing up folk tunes

Woody Guthrie, famed American songwriter-raconteur, would have been 100 years old this July. Folk music revivalist Pete Seeger recently celebrated his ninety-third birthday. In an age where songwriters and singers had separate roles in the music industry, these elder statesmen of American folk music forged ground for contemporary singer-songwriters like Wilco, Bruce Springsteen, and Neil Young. Listen to modern voices sing songs of childhood, love, loss, hard times, protest, and working folk.

Princeton music top 40

As a child of the 70s I looked forward to Casey Kasem's weekly (and cheesy) countdown of the top 40 hits of the nation. Flash forward a few decades and here I am: in charge of purchasing the music for this spectacular library. Today I get to be Casey and count down the most popular CDs in our collection…but not just for this week, for all time!