• Gifts from the sea

    Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 1:08am
    Gifts from the sea

    For the past few weeks someone (or maybe more than one person) has been leaving shells on the library shelves. The shells are beautiful, as you can see from the picture of just some of them, and quite clean. These "gifts" raise many questions. Who is doing this? Why would someone come into the library mutiple times and leave these for other people to find? Is there any significance to the placement of the shells?

    So many questions. Answers are less forthcoming.

  • Spring is here

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 6:00am
    Spring is here

    I don't care what the "experts" have to say; this last winter certainly felt like the worst one ever here in New Jersey. One positive note of surviving the last five frigid months: spring seems that much more gorgeous. And what better way to enjoy the spectacular weather than at the some of the outdoor spaces at or near the library.

  • Top 10 suspense and fiction

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 7:00am
    books, lists

    As faithful readers of this blog might know by now, I love lists. Because my specialty is collection development, I am always curious about what people want to read, watch, and listen to, so I have compiled various lists based on the circulation of books, DVDs, and CDs at the library. Two lists I have yet to create (until now): the all-time most popular suspense and fiction books at the Princeton Public Library. Let's get to it! (Insert drum roll here.)

    The ten most popular suspenseful books of all time at the library are:

  • Top 10 most popular library items (ever)

    Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 2:56pm
    circulation, popular

    It's the start of a brand new year and instead of listing my resolutions (most of which I have already broken), I will indulge myself in another "bestseller" Princeton Public Library list. In the past I have made lists of the most popular books, music CDs, and DVDs at the library. This time I will list the ten items with the highest circulation numbers for all time. These ten titles have proven to be incredibly popular over the years and, even though they may be a bit worn, they are still being checked out.

  • Window shopping

    Friday, December 6, 2013 - 7:00am
    Window shopping

    Not sure what to get your bibliophile friend or relative for the holidays? How about a beautiful book? The coffee table tomes listed below are designed to be savored and look best in traditional paper. The sheer size and details of the illustrations are too much for most tablets or e-readers. If you want to test drive one of these before purchasing I suggest you check out our big books table in New Nonfiction area on the first floor of the library. You can see the table from one of our windows facing Witherspoon Street.

  • Princeton's favorite films

    Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 6:00am
    Princeton's favorite films

       Recently we changed our DVD lending policy to allow all but the newest feature films to go out for one week for $1. In addition, you can now place holds and renew any of our one-week DVDs. More information on our new policy can be found here.

  • Freegal music top 10

    Monday, September 2, 2013 - 6:00am
    freegal, music
    Freegal music top 10

    It has been a full year since I posted a list of the most popular music CDs at the library. I still enjoy CDs (as many of you do, based on our circulation statistics) but I thought I would mix things up a bit and give you a snapshot from our music download website, Freegal.

  • Bookends

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 6:00am
    bookends, books, bookshelves

    In the past year we have been shifting many collections at the library and all this movement made me ponder something that keeps the collections still: bookends. They are so utilitarian and unassuming that you may be surprised to hear there are over 4,100 bookends working silently day and night at the library to stop everything from falling over.

  • Stairway to nowhere

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 6:00am

    One of the many great things about working at this library is that we are located just two blocks from a certain world-class university. If you don't know which one I will give you a hint: it's the first word in the phrase "Princeton Public Library." When the weather is nice and I have some time, I like to explore the incredibly beautiful campus.

  • Spring renewal

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 2:39pm

    Spring is finally here and we are in the mood for some refreshing and renewing at the library. Please stop by and check out our new tables and chairs for your reading, relaxing, and conversing enjoyment. Join me on a brief tour of some of the most recent changes at the library.

    On the first floor behind the Welcome Desk we now have this fabulous collection of hexagonal chairs and side tables. To me they look a bit Star-Trek or maybe mid-70s talk show...very cool and retro. This is the perfect spot for some quiet group conversation.