Princeton 2012 top 40

In my last post I counted down the top 40 music CDs for ALL TIME here at the library. These CDs had the highest circulation since we started counting with our current system way back in 1999. The list was interesting but also skewed towards music we have been owned for years as more time to circulate often leads to higher circulation numbers. I promised to do another list based just on circulation for 2012 and here it is!

As you can see it is a totally different animal. There's a lot more pop and rock (indie and classic) and a lot less classical and jazz. If you are at all curious about what Princeton wants to hear right now read on.

40. The very best of the Doors

39. Mylo xyloto / Coldplay.

38. 50 words for snow / Kate Bush.

37. Biophilia / Bjork.

36. Let it be / the Beatles.

35. Preaching the blues / Fleetwood Mac.

34. American legacies / Preservation Hall Jazz Band & the Del McCoury Band.

33. Release me / Lyle Lovett.

32. Wish you were here / Pink Floyd.

31. The Wall / Pink Floyd.

30. Be OK / Ingrid Michaelson.

29. Fleetwood Mac / Fleetwood Mac.

28. Barton Hollow / the Civil Wars.

27. Le voyage dans la lune / Air.

26. Bootleg. Vol. 3, Live around the world / Johnny Cash.

25. The rough guide to the music of Morocco.

24. Inni / Sigur Ros.

23. A foot in the door: the best of Pink Floyd.

22. The singles collection / Gorillaz.

21. Old ideas / Leonard Cohen.

20. Strange mercy / St. Vincent.

19. Reign of terror / Sleigh Bells.

18. TKOL rmx 1234567 / Radiohead.

17. Dark side of the moon / Pink Floyd.

16. Little broken hearts / Norah Jones.

15. Ceremonials / Florence + the Machine.

14. Bon Iver, Bon Iver.

13. 21 / Adele.

12. Beethoven invents jazz.

11. The best of 25 years / Sting.

10. Songwriter / Paul Simon.

9. Sigh no more / Mumford & Sons.

8. Metals / Feist.

7. Helplessness blues / Fleet Foxes.

6. The king is dead / the Decemberists.

5. El camino / The Black Keys.

4. The rip tide / Beirut.

2. Lungs / Florence + the Machine.

...and the number one CD for 2012 (so far) at the library is:

1. Lioness : hidden treasures / Amy Winehouse.

As an aside, the circulation statistics for the CD collection remain quite high. Happy listening, everyone!



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